PLPCC App Recensioni

So bad

This app is basically useless. It takes your user info/data, but doesn’t appear to do anything else. The user interface is whacky af, and it basically just links to weed maps just so you can see what they are selling (but you can’t search or even see the full product name inside the app). And why can’t you fill a “basket” like every other shopping app? I’m so confused. Also second the comment about this place just super spamming your phone with texts - completely unnecessary and a sure fire way to get me to never shop with you. It’s a well-known, terrible marketing practice at this point, so Just no. Please. Have heard great things about this place but at this point I’m totally turned off. Sharpen your business up or get ready to fall into the waste bin...

Too many errors

The app keeps crashing and won't allow me to look at the deals.

Too. Many. Texts.

I keep unsubscribing from their lists because they text often and then a new number will text me once I unsubscribe. It's driving me absolutely insane and is always at the worst times.

Great place

Great service and amazing selection!

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